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2022 Outfits Inspired by Iconic British Films

We can learn a lot from on-screen styling – here are four beloved British heroines we’re borrowing outfits from this season.


A smart place to look for inspiration when you’re in a style rut? Cult-classic films with sartorially savvy female leads. And with rom-com connoisseurs like Richard Curtis in the screenwriter’s seat, there are plenty of offbeat characters and their dazzling wardrobes to take cues from.

In our eyes, the start of a new season always calls for fresh influences. Based on trends dominating the catwalks and the zeitgeist right now, we’ve decided to hone in on the nineties and noughties. Designers often seek guidance from past eras’ tried-and-tested fashion, so it’s only natural that we do the same – and films are reliable relics for determining what was ‘in’ at a particular time.

Scroll on for the well-dressed heroines worth pinning to your mood board, and our pick of Toolally earrings to complete the looks.

Atonement, 2007

Iconic Birtish Films - Blog

Image credit: IMDB

Is there any dress more iconic than Kiera Knightley’s green silk number in Atonement? Though released in 2007, this war drama was set in the 1940s, so it doesn’t exactly scream noughties style. But it’s safe to say the emerald slip dress has stood the test of time – and we don’t see it losing its allure any time soon. Whether you have a glamorous wedding or fancy date night on the horizon, you’ll be the best-dressed in the venue if you go this route.

In 2022, we can imagine Cecilia modernising the opulent piece by pairing it with our matching Bolt Earrings. For smart events, we’d suggest a simple gold accessory, such as the Acacia Leaf Earrings. Green and gold is a fail-safe formula for black tie dress codes, whichever year you’re wearing it.


Iconic Birtish Films - Blog


Bridget Jones’ Diary, 2001

Iconic Birtish Films - Blog

Image credit: Grazia

Sure, Bridget Jones may not be the first character to come to mind when you consider on-screen style icons. With a wardrobe as chaotic as her love life, the British heroine made no shortage of sartorial statements over the course of the trilogy – though not necessarily for the right reasons (yes, we’re thinking of that bunny costume).

But in the age of social media and constant comparison, we could all use a dose of this carefree attitude to dressing. Jones’ rotation of mini skirts and cardigans is refreshingly straightforward, and even her more, ahem, ‘daring’ outfits carry a certain charm. Given the theme of the films, and the character’s penchant for sparkle, it only felt right to finish off our inspired ensemble with the Charming Hearts Earrings and matching necklace.



Four Weddings and a Funeral, 1994

Iconic Birtish Films - Blog

Image credit: New York Times

Another Richard Curtis classic, this wholesome rom-com spotlights an array of nineties trends worth holding on to – silk maxi dresses, tailored vests and wide-brimmed hats, to name but a few. While Kristin Scott Thomas’ character may garner pity when it comes to her unrequited love for her best friend, there’s nothing tragic about her dress sense. Fiona’s confident ensembles convey her fundamental self-assurance, while the occasional wacky piece mirrors her idiosyncratic humour.

We’ll be recreating the kaleidoscope blazer look, pairing this head-turning jacket with our suitably bold Abstract Diamonds. For scenes in which Fiona opts for all-black, our gold vermeil Sundials would be an elegant addition.


Notting Hill, 1999

Iconic Birtish Films - Blog

Image credit: British Vogue 

Channel Julia Roberts’ ‘celebrity-in-hiding’ aesthetic and go all-out on the accessories. Her slim sunnies, classic black beret and leather biker jacket have enduring appeal; by recreating this simple formula, you can keep your outfit contemporary while paying homage to one of the American actor’s best-loved roles.

We can see Roberts’ film persona Anna reaching for our Charming Forget Me Nots in Sapphire Blue, a subtle splash of colour to lift the otherwise monochrome look. She might switch them up from time to time with the ‘A’ Alphabet Studs – when she’s not in disguise, of course.


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