5 perfect pairs of party earrings

‘Tis the season of getting dressed up — and every good outfit needs a great pair of earrings. These are the statement accessories we’ll be wearing from dinner to the dance floor this season.


It’s official: party season is back. After last year’s al fresco celebrations and awkward office ‘Zoom drinks’, our diaries are happily filling up with real life events. We don’t think we’ve ever been more excited to get dressed up again.

And now that our biggest styling decision isn’t what hat we’ll wear with what coat (or how many layers of thermals we can fit under our jeans), we can focus on the important things: like how to accessorise our party outfits. For us, that starts with the earrings. All of our jewellery is unbelievably lightweight, and our collections are home to a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes. But if you’d like some inspiration to help you find the perfect pair, these are our festive picks.



There’s nothing quite like a clear, crisp night in winter, when the sky suddenly becomes studded with starlight. Our graphic Constellations are inspired by that celestial magic, and are just perfect for party season. Pair with black or silver if you’re going all-out glam, or wear them with jeans and a nice top to elevate a more casual look.





Our Ellipses are the ultimate statement piece — statement earrings that are as impactful as they are chic. Their clever shape means they move beautifully as you do, and they’ll catch the glow from the festive fairy lights. Made from 925 silver, they’re crafted in the UK and hand-finished in the jewellery quarter by specialist artisans.





No era said ‘party’ quite like the Roaring Twenties. With their twist on the classic fan shape, our marbled Daphnes pay homage to the age of flappers, speakeasies and jazz — the ideal match for sequins and metallics. Plus, the smooth Jade colour is so light and bright you can wear them into spring, too.





With their bold shape but seriously wearable size, our Beats are a true Toolally classic. And in iridescent acrylic, they’re a going-out go-to. They’ll bring even the most minimal of outfits to life, and we love the way they never look the same colour from one angle to the next.





There’s a distinct Seventies vibe to fashion this party season, with vibrant jewel tones and joyful embellishment making a triumphant comeback. Our Oh What a Nights are an earring-shaped love letter to that era of freedom and fun — big, bold and beautifully proportioned. If there was ever a time to wear them, it’s now.