Clip-On Earrings

At Toolally, comfort is key. That’s why all of our earrings are made with gold vermeil or solid sterling silver fastenings. And for our customers who don’t have pierced ears or simply prefer them, we have our clip-on earrings.

With increased demand for comfortable clip-on earrings, we have introduced this fastening option to a variety of different products across, from the Art Deco Chandeliers to the LBD Hoops.

Suzie, our digital marketing co-ordinator at Toolally, wears clip-ons and said “Clip-on earrings have changed my life! I can now wear my favourite Toolallys just like everyone else, and they are super comfortable too.”

Last month we exhibited at the London Fashion Week Festival and got to meet lots of our lovely customers. With lots of you not realising we had the clip-on earrings option, it has now become more popular than ever for people without ear piercings as well as those with, just preferring this to a stud or ear wire.

Wendy Gilmour of @thankfifi recently posted about her new pair of Toolally clip-on earrings.


Clip-on earrings Toolally


To find more earrings with a clip-on option, simply filter through the products with the ‘clip-on’ option. Or, you can view the Classic options here and the LBD options here.