Tahoma Mondrian

Colour combining

Colour is back. Toolally jewellery is all about colour combinations that go with everything and nothing – they work because we like them and we hope you like them too.

Colours evoke feelings and emotions and can affect our mood. Each piece of our jewellery has a unique colour combination, so no two are the same. Use our colour guide to read about the meanings behind each – see what you are naturally drawn to, or purposefully select a piece that portrays qualities you want to bring to your life. Or choose it just because you like it.



Red symbolises action, confidence, courage, vitality and passion. Team with other warm colours, such as orange and yellow for an intense, fire-like energy. When balanced with cooler blues and calming greens a sense of harmony is created.


Blue is a cool colour, evoking serenity, self-reflection, clarity, creativity and freedom. We incorporate an array of blue shades into our jewellery, which combine to produce a relaxing, soothing effect. When mixed with opposing colours a more dynamic energy is achieved.


Orange is fun, passionate and sensual. When combined with earthy colours such as brown and yellow, precious stones like Imperial Topaz and Moonstone are brought to mind.


Pink conveys an aura of tranquility, love and comfort. When paired with other subtle colours such as pale blues and pale greens a gorgeous pearly, pastel look is accomplished.


Green tones are synonymous with balance, harmony, health and peace. When integrated with other earth tones, like browns, greys and purples, it gives a sense of Nature and her quiet permanence and stability. When mixed with water tones, like blues, the cleansing, essential nature of the sea is summoned to mind.


The colour brown is suggestive of earthiness, and therefore reliability, permanence and support. When integrated with other colours it adds depth and richness.


Purple was a popular colour choice with royalty for its aura of spiritual awareness, and association with the Divine. Purple implied that one was wealthy, and was synonymous with opulence.


Grey is neutral and subtle, and therefore perfectly complementary in any colour combination.


Yellow is associated with happiness, enlightenment, confidence and friendliness. Colour combinations are instantly lifted with the addition of the colour yellow and radiate positivity and light.