Dive Into The Blue: The Azure Edit

Toolally is all about making a splash. And with summer well and truly underway, what better way to celebrate than jumping headlong into our cool azure picks?

We’re making accessorising as easy as drifting down the Blue Danube, sipping a Blue Hawaiian whilst listening to, er, Blue. So what are you waiting for!


Inspired by the great Coco Chanel, the Diamond Drop is simple, streamlined, comfortable and elegant. It’s a sharp, timeless design that offers true sophistication as well as an easy wearability. In the words of the lady herself – “luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” In azure and nude.


The Diamond Droplets slide into the slipstream of their larger cousin, the Diamond Drops. Smaller but by no means less formidable, they bring glitzy glamour wherever they go. In azure and nude.



One of the principles behind our earrings is they’re so light, you don’t even know you’re wearing them. The Fandangos’ open lattice fretwork goes even further – making them impossibly weightless. Will you do the Fandangos? In azure and nude.

Fan Droplets, Azure & Nude - Toolally - 1000x1000The Fan Droplets shimmy onto the scene with a more streamlined, sleeker profile than their super-glam sister, the Fans. In azure and nude.



Rarely seen during the day, the Kingfisher appears in pairs at dusk and sometimes at night. Weighing just 5 ounces they are as delicate as they are vibrantly coloured. In tropical azure with juicy mandarin and electric blue accents.