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Everything orange: meet this year’s hottest colour

Zesty, bright and full of life, tangerine shades are the ultimate wardrobe pick-me-up. Here’s how we’re working it with our statement accessories.


We might officially still be in winter, but in our eyes, we’ve entered a new season. And that means fresh new fashion inspiration to get us excited about the months to come. While the ground is still covered in frost, there’s nothing we’re looking forward to more than peppering our wardrobes with vivid colours — the kind that signal that the coldest days will soon be over, and spring 2022 is right around the corner. And at the very top of our list? Orange.

Vitamin C in fashion form, it’s a seriously joyful shade that reminds us of golden sunrises, freshly squeezed fruit and ice cold cocktails. It burst onto catwalks for SS22, but happily it’s not the kind of trend that doesn’t translate to the everyday. In fact, it’s a surprisingly easy colour to incorporate into our outfits — whether you’re bold enough to work top-to-toe tangerine or just prefer to add a splash of juice to a more minimal look.

If it’s a chic statement nod to the colour you’re looking for, our accessories are an easy, impactful way to channel the trend. From our sweet and subtle Daisy Hoop earrings and oversized Oh What a Nights to our beautifully bold cashmere scarves, these are a few of our favourites.

Daisy Hoops

Toolally Orange Daisy Hoop Earrings      Toolally Orange Daisy Hoop Earrings


Floral, but not frivolous, our Daisy Hoops are a graphic take on spring’s most enduring trend: flowers. These charms — available on a 925 silver or gold vermeil hoop — are a vibrant statement earring in an everyday size, with a crystal centre that adds an extra dimension.



Bridgerton’s almost back on our screens — and with it, the heroine who inspired our elegant Daphne earrings. This twist on the classic Art Deco fan shape is as intricate as it is eye-catching, and the pairing of fresh orange with dramatic black makes it perfect for this particular change in the seasons.



Toolally OHS tiger shell earrings     


When the winter sun rises during those golden 7am sunrises, these are the earrings you’ll want to be wearing. Our Ohs in Tiger Shell take on a gorgeous marbled effect (that’ll be the black onyx crackle running through them), making their warm hue capture the light. This is orange, but not as you know it.


Tulip Scarf

Toolally Tulip Cashmere Scarf     


There’s wrapping up warm, and then there’s wrapping up in a colour that’ll make you feel warm, too. Our luxuriously soft cashmere Tulip scarf has been crafted with the utmost care from the finest organic fibres, and the combination of orange and turquoise will give any winter coat a punchy pick-me-up.


Oh What a Nights

With their oversized chandelier drop shape and marbled acrylic texture, our Oh What a Nights are our go-to earrings for bringing the drama to an outfit. They’re also the perfect style for going out-out when the nights get brighter; big, yes, but also fresh.



      Toolally Icicles Tortoiseshell Earrings


The shape of our chic drop earrings make for a subtle statement, and in our marbled Tiger Shell material, they might just be the easiest way to give orange accessories a try. The animal print effect is a modern update on classic leopard — and in our eyes, that’s basically a neutral.


Blossom Hoops

Toolally Orange Blossom Hoop Earrings     


Is there any symbol more fitting for a new season than a blossom? These earrings, part of our Charming Hoops collection, are that perfect blend of graphic and pretty. Wear them with thick, darker knits now for the ultimate pop of orange, and later with sundresses and sandals.


Mini Fans

Flip this classic Art Deco shape on its head, and you’d get something that resembles a glowing sunset. Worn as they’re intended, these earrings perfectly capture one of the most enduring shapes from the 1920s — an era when fashion suddenly became freer and fun was in abundance. We’re hoping we can say the same for 2022.