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Five Minutes With Mama Still Got It

We sat down with Louise aka Mama Still Got It to talk all things lifestyle, fashion, work and Toolally.


Tell us about you…

My name is Louise, I am a mother of 2 boys, living in London. And… My name is Louise, I am an international fashion model, living out of a suitcase.

I love both the occupations I’ve been blessed with – they are equally are hard work and chalk and cheese in comparison. One day I am cleaning the bathroom floor, the next I am shooting a fashion story in Italy.

My modelling career started over 20 years ago when I was a pre-pubescent 14 year old with zero self-confidence and an eating disorder. Today I’m 37 years old, size 14 and feel better than ever!

My determination for other women to feel good about themselves and my passion for skincare, well being and fashion manifested into a blog called ‘Mama Still Got It’. It’s a blog written for mothers, but read by women. Women can lose their identity when they become a mother. It’s important to embrace our strength, beauty, pride, identity and confidence as we take on daily challenges as a mother – and a woman.




If we come to visit you in London, where are you taking us?
We’d start with a walk in Richmond Park (where I grew up) to escape the fast pace and noise of London. We’d then go to a fabulous restaurant and, if we’re still standing, I’d take you to a secret gig and dance the night away.


Talk us through your daily routine?
On a school day, we’re up at 7.30am for breakfast, school clothes are put on, I’ll have a quick shower and off we go. I dash to Euston for the 9.40am train to Manchester – where I head to the studios. If it’s not Manchester, it’s London or even Cape Town or Milan. If I’m lucky the kids are still awake when I get home for a quick story and kiss goodnight.

If I’m not working, I’ll grab a coffee with some other mums then reply to emails and make a plan to take over the world…


How do you prepare for a big shoot, any favourite beauty products?
I drink a ton of water for a few days before the shoot and avoid alcohol where possible. This really clears the skin. The older I get the more I see my skin breakout from wine! I’ll try to get a good night’s sleep which can be a struggle with two kids. When it comes to beauty products, I love Fillerina moisturiser, Pixi rose oil blend and Estée Lauder advanced night serum.


Do you make new year’s resolutions, if so, any you want to share with us?
Yes! We are doing dry January, a great detox after Christmas. We did it last year and loved it! The energy, sparkle and motivation we had from not drinking shocked me. Of course, it was all over Feb 1st…


Five minutes with Mama Still Got It Toolally


We see you as a huge source of inspiration for body confidence. Any tips on boosting body confidence you want to share with our readers?
Thank you! Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for body confidence. It comes from within and it takes time. From the age of 15 I was told to lose weight if I wanted a career as a model. I held onto every word my agent told me and punished myself for being me. This developed into an unhealthy lifestyle (diet coke and cigarettes). Eventually I walked away from the industry after a close friend tragically passed away. We were both 18. It was a huge wake up call and I told myself enough was enough, I had to get healthy.

When I first started out as a ‘plus size model’ I was slightly embarrassed as it sounded so derogatory. But over the years of travelling the world, shooting with great brands and being appreciated for just being me, I eventually started to heal and learnt to love my body just as it is.


Any exciting plans or news for 2019?
Watch this space!



Your top three favourite Instagram accounts you follow for inspiration?

@finlay_fox, @mercer7official and @hollywilloughby


A last-minute event comes up, where do you order online so you know you won’t turn up in the same outfit as six other guests?
Probably Rixo, Reiss or Ghost.


Your three favourite Toolallys?
These are my faves….
Kingfisher – azure
Arrowheads – nude and glitter
Art Deco Droplets – green and tortoiseshell


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