Free Delivery and A Note From Mags

A note from Mags 💙

I hope you’re all keeping safe and well. It’s a difficult time for everyone, but mostly the incredible people working in and volunteering for the NHS. Watching and listening to what they’re going through at the minute has me at the same time feeling worried for their health and safety as well as huge pride in their bravery and strength in a crisis.

Here at Toolally we are doing our best to keep things business as usual whilst also looking after the safety of our staff. We have a skeleton team in the studio, so we have lots of space for social distancing, and can still work effectively whilst we are all well and make sure your orders come out on time.

I’m self-isolating at home, keeping myself busy designing more earrings, poring over the latest photoshoot that we finished just before we had to go into lock-down, and finding new ways to keep fit at home. I’m personally grateful that the online businesses can still function and have just taken delivery of a proper yoga mat for the 30 day ‘Home’ challenge by Yoga With Adriene that I’m doing. By day 4 I realised a towel on my wooden floor just wasn’t going to cut it. Landed flat on my face several times whilst attempting to hold the downward dog position! Not the most elegant pose, at least not when I’m in it. I’m on day 6 now and even though I can’t do everything, I’m trying my best and I’m confident by the end I’m going to feel a lot more supple and calm.

Working from home is not something I’ve ever done, but I’m slowly adjusting. For the first few days I stayed in my PJs but then I decided I should get up, get dressed, get my face on and get in a more positive frame of mind. For me that also means putting my earrings on and I’ve decided to wear a different pair every day from now on. Today’s earrings our the beautiful blue Kites. I have the advantage of access to our entire collection – designer’s privileges!


Toolally Mags in the Blue Kite Earrings


I appreciate non-essential shopping is unlikely to be top of your priority list right now but if you do still feel like treating yourself to some new statement earrings to lift your spirits, or sending a gift to a friend or family member you can’t see at the moment, we’ve introduced free delivery on all UK orders, excluding our Recycled Collection. As well as our existing free returns policy.

Stay stylish and take care,
Mags x