How To Choose Statement Earrings

Follow this simple guide and you can be sure that wearing statement earrings will become second nature to you.


Let’s start with colour 

Wearing the right colour earrings will light up your face. Wearing the wrong colour will cast shadows under your eyes and have everyone asking if you’re feeling OK. Or worse, silently thinking you don’t look your best.

There are cool colours and warm colours and a myriad of shades and tones in between. The difference these make is dramatic if you understand which colour and tone will suit you best.


What colour are you?

Our colouring generally falls into one of three camps: cool, warm or neutral. You can check whether you are cool or warm by simply looking at the underside of your wrist. If you are cool you will have a pinky, blue tone to your skin and blue veins. If you are warm you will have a more peachy tone and your veins will seem more green than blue. If you have a mixture of both or your undertone is the same colour as your actual skin then you are neutral.



Auburn and chocolate brown haired beauties who tan easily in the sun.

Eye and hair colour – You are likely to have brown, amber, or hazel eyes and strawberry blonde, red, brown or black hair with undertones of gold, red, orange or yellow.

Best colours – Warm tones will work best. Yellow, orange, brown, yellow greens, cream, warm red (Toolally’s royal red).



If you have cool tones, your hair and skin tone will often contrast sharply as with brunettes with pale skin.

Eye and hair colour – You are likely to have blue, grey or green eyes and blonde, brown or black hair with silver, violet and ash undertones.

Best colours – Clear strong tones. Icy blues, greens, pinks, purple, blue greens, magenta, blue based reds (Toolally’s chilli red) and silver.



If you are neutral you may be blonde or brunette and can wear most colours confidently.


And now for proportions…

There are three basic face shapes: Round, Square and Oval. Your face shape will determine which style and shape of earring will suit you best. You should complement rather than mirror your face shape.


Round face

If you have a round face, choose angular, geometric styles of earrings. The widest part of your face will be your cheeks so create balance by wearing earrings which elongate your face. Longer drops, diamonds and squares will all look great on you.

Earring suggestions: Art Deco Droplets, Ice Drops, Mini Keatons, Petite Hemmingways, Houndstooth, Half Moon Drops, Bolts, Arrowheads, Chandelier Drops 


Square face

If you have a square face you should introduce some curves. Rounded styles will work best and you should avoid having the biggest part of the earring near your jaw. Drawing attention up towards your eyes will be a flattering look for you. Large studs, short circles or fans work well. Larger, tapered styles can also look great but make sure the bottom of the earring extends below, or stops short, of your jawline.

Earring suggestions: Art Deco Chandeliers, Pebbles, Crescent Orbs, Fandangos, Mini Fans, Peacocks, Petite Shift Hoops, Wobbles, Kingfishers


Oval face

If you have an oval face you can choose round or angular and pretty much any style will suit you. If your face is a long oval you may like to shorten it by wearing wide earrings higher up and drawing attention to your eyes. If you have a narrow or pointy chin, earrings that are wider at the bottom will be especially flattering.

Earring suggestions: Classic Sundials, Crescent Hoops, Ellipses, Cubes, Square Chandeliers, Ker-Pows, Aposits

Did you know?

There is a right side and a wrong side for your earrings. In good quality earring design there is always a left side earring and a right side earring to ensure symmetry is maintained. It’s important you put them on the correct side for the most flattering look. The earrings should mirror each other and the fall line of the earring should follow the line of your face.


Accentuate the positive

As a general rule, if you want to emphasise your eyes, keep the body of your earring near your lobes and to emphasise your smile wear a small drop which stops just above your jawline. For full-on “night on the tiles” glamour, go for shoulder skimmers.

Those of you that are blessed with long swan like necks are in the fortunate position of pushing the size of your statement earrings to the max. If you are not so blessed (and I fall into that category) remember proportion is everything – don’t let the bottom of your earring touch your shoulder and avoid collars and long earrings at all costs.