How To Choose Statement Earrings

How to choose statement earrings

It’s all about proportion and colour and when it comes to looking fabulous, as da Vinci’s Vitruvian man taught us, certain rules do apply.

Let’s start with proportions.

There are three basic face shapes; Round, Square and Oval. Your face shape will determine which style and shape of earring will suit you best. You should complement rather than mirror your face shape.




If you have a round face, choose angular, geometric styles of earrings. The widest part of your face will be your cheeks so create balance by wearing earrings which elongate your face. Longer drops, diamonds and squares will all look great on you.

Our Arrowheads are ideal for rounded faces.





If you have a square face you need to introduce some curves. Rounded styles will work best and you should avoid having the biggest part of the earring near your jaw. Drawing attention up towards your eyes will be a flattering look for you. Large studs, short circles or fans work well. Larger, tapered styles can also look great but make sure the bottom of the earring extends below or stops short of your jawline.

Our Crescent Orbs are great for square-shaped faces.




If you have an oval face you can choose round or angular and pretty much any style will suit you. If your face is a long oval you may like to shorten it by wearing wide earrings higher up and draw attention to your eyes. If you have a narrow or pointy chin, earrings that are wider at the bottom will be especially flattering.

Our Art Deco Chandeliers are perfect for oval-shaped faces.




As a general rule, if you want to emphasise your eyes, keep the body of your earring near your lobes and to emphasise your smile wear a small drop which stops just above your jawline. For full-on “night on the tiles” glamour go for shoulder skimmers.