How to wear a Toolally scarf

Timeless and versatile, a silk scarf should be a staple in your summer wardrobe.

For the Toolally Spring Summer 2020 collection, we have introduced a range of pure silk chiffon scarves that have been designed using key elements, shapes and colourways from our best-selling earring collection. Printed and handmade in the UK, The Scarf Collection is exclusively available at

This is a new way to enjoy Toolally.

To show you how versatile scarves are, we have outlined our favourite ways to wear them below.


Skinny scarf – delicate and elegant


Wearable throughout the year, the cowboy style is fun and playful. Whether you wear over a sweater or under a jacket, the end result will be fabulous.


Wrist cuff
To add a soft touch to an outfit, wrap the skinny scarf around your wrist. Wear with a short sleeve top or long sleeve jacket and let the colour pop through under the sleeve.



Revamp your favourite handbag by tying a scarf around one of the straps. This is a great way to bring a well-loved bag right up to date.



Swap your belt for a scarf and glide it through the loops of your jeans to add some fun and colour to a simple outfit.



Square – classic and functional


V shape
You can’t go wrong with a classic v at your neck. A great way to add some texture and colour to an outfit, the v shape will suit everyone. You can dress an outfit up or down with this one.



Side knot
A scarf in a side knot is the perfect alternative to a long necklace. Simply fold the square into a long, narrow piece then tie around your neck. Let the silky material flow forward or over your shoulder for a glamorous look.



The head turban was a staple piece in 40s Hollywood glamour, with stars like Grace Kelly favouring them. The style has continued through to today and can be seen on many modern day catwalks.



There are so many ways to wear a silk scarf – we will be sharing lots more with you very soon.

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