Lauren Bravos Sustainable Style Guide

Lauren Bravo’s Sustainable Style Guide

Journalist and author Lauren Bravo has put together some of her favourite sustainable brands to create this wonderful style guide. Find out how each brand mentioned operates towards a more sustainable future for the fashion industry. All of the earrings used are from the Toolally Recycled collection which you can read more about here.

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Birdsong ‘Dress in Protest’ tee:  Everyone needs a slogan white t-shirt in their wardrobe. This unisex tee from Birdsong is made using single jersey 100% organic ring-spun combed cotton by talented female makers in East London. Birdsong champion women, with its slogan being ‘We design clothes for remarkable women, but we’re also made by them.’

The Knotty Ones cardigan:  A chunky knit is a staple all year round. The Knotty Ones founders Sandra, Danute and Akvile create knitted products that are sustainable – their mission is to change the industry, one knit at a time. They only use natural and sustainable fabrics in their contemporary and minimalist pieces and are passionate about empowering women and all around the world.

Rakha skirt:  Rakha is making clothing responsibly. With its audience realising how negative the impact of fashion can be on the environment, Rakha seeks to find the most innovative and sustainable materials available. Every garment is made using only recycled or biodegradable materials – the designers don’t follow trends or seasons, instead they produce classic staple pieces that will never go out of style.

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Beyond Retro dress: Perfect for any occasion and any season, this vintage piece is certainly the dress of all dresses. Buying second-hand pieces is a great way to help the fashion industry and give love to items that are no longer wanted!

Everlane boots:  You can’t go wrong with a statement pair of boots. Everlane is a brand that creates everything from the best boots to the softest sweatshirts. Each item is made in ethical factories around the world using the finest materials. Its ‘Radical Transparency’ approach breaks down every detail of the business – from costs of its products to the factories they are made in.

Been London crossbody bag (Red Wine):  No daytime outfit is complete without a simple crossbody bag. Been London creates handbags using materials that would have otherwise been sent to the landfill – premium recycled leather and recycled polyester. Everything is eco-friendly and handcrafted in London with a focus on both function and style.


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Lucy and Yak jeans:  The journey of Lucy & Yak began with founders Chris and Lucy’s vision to create a brand ethically. They traveled to India and found a small business owned by Ismail, who they instantly connected with on their shared values. They made dungarees together with Ismail and photographed and listed them on Depop – which sold out within hours. Fast forward to present day and the brand pledges to pay all of its workers the ‘living wage’ and treat them with respect, no matter what country they are in. The factory is having solar panels added which should power the whole factory 100% of the time, meaning a large percentage of the products will be made using renewable energy.

Sandermann jumper: Sandermann is a new Danish label with sustainability at its core. Garments are made using only local up-cycled waste materials – the base material of all products being wool from locally bred sheep which are used for other properties than wool. This by-product would have otherwise been burned in Denmark when the sheep are shorn once or twice a year. Sanderman is advocating to bring textile production back to Denmark in a way which helps and considers the environment, people and animals.

Qnoop socks:  Made from sustainable cotton with no toxic chemicals used in the process, Qnoop socks are a trendy addition to this outfit. They bring fun to your feet and feel luxuriously soft.

Veja trainers:  Veja manufactures trainers with a difference. The variety of styles on offer is endless – from vegan running trainers to fashion trainers which use fresh water fish leather (which would have otherwise been thrown away). The brand is completely transparent about all sides of the business including exactly where all of its materials are sourced from, the hours its employees work and where all of the products are manufactured.