Loop Loop! Toolally Necklaces!

There really is more to Toolally than meets the ears.

Did you know that we also make the most beautifully elegant necklaces?

Just like their earring counterparts, they’re dramatic, eye-catching and supremely confident.

And because they’re also fashioned from acrylic, they’re as light as can be.



A reworking of our Boatman earrings, this statement piece combines fluid circles with sharper edges. Inspired by row boats gently bobbing on the waves, it has 60s flair with a thoroughly modern finish. In rich emerald with striking orange accents.



60s style in a nutshell – there’s something irresistibly retro about the Links.

Combining the timeless 60s circle in a range of shapes and shades, this statement chain ticks all the vintage boxes while still looking fresh and modern. A future classic.

In black and nude with bold accents. Available in short, long and double.

Toolally statement necklaces. Effortlessly versatile and Toolally gorgeous.