Too minutes with... Helen Frostick

Too minutes with… Helen Frostick

Every now and then, we like to find out a little more about Toolally-lovers. With that in mind, we spent too minutes with Helen Frostick, a headteacher in Richmond-Upon-Thames, to ask her a couple of questions.



Describe your style in three words…

Arty, boho and chic.


What is your must-have holiday essential?
A good book.


Tell us which is your favourite pair of Toolally earrings…

The Diamond Drops in sapphire – but I saw the azure Tassels on Instagram and had to get myself a pair of those too. Now I’m fancying the Art Deco Droplets in nude and glitter…


What do you sing in the shower?

No More Sad Songs – Little Mix.


What are you having for tea tonight?

Egg sandwich on the hop (Guardian masterclass night!)