New from Toolally – Get Them While They’re Hot!

We recently told you about some unashamedly chic new designs that we’ve added to our Classic Collection – if you’ve not yet discovered them, now is your chance.

We’ve *also* added five new styles to our über glam LBD collection.


So long as the daisy keeps popping up in fashion, we’re happy. One of those perennial motifs that can’t help but bring a smile, these inverted colourways are just a little different. Even wearing them on a rainy day will bring a ray of sunshine.


Fleck Hoops
There’s nothing shy or retiring about the Fleck Hoops. Their shimmying, sparkling bottoms are a joy to behold.


Asymmetric Circles
Using the same imbalance technique as the Ellipses, the Circles have that beguiling drop which is ever-so-slightly off centre. This deliberate disproportion creates an unquestionable smile next to the jawline.


LBD Hoops
The classic hoop has moved to a whole new level with this daring double duo. Bold, glamourous and undeniably chic, the LBD Hoops bring the Toolally wow factor to any look.



Not only that, we’ve also added new colourways to our existing styles!


Hoop Drops
It has been said that great architecture uses space, light and material to affect mood. We think that the Hoop Drops have a certain spatial quality to them. In feminine pink frost with pops of chilli red. And they’re ideal for spring when pastel colours are set to rule the catwalks for fashion week!


Larger than life, our inspiration for the Sundials can be traced back to Henry Moore’s great sculpture, Man Enters the Cosmos. He used bronze, we used acrylic. And we know which is lighter. Now in understated nude and chic black.


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