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Mags Walker - Toolally

About Toolally

Toolally is a modern and design-led statement accessories brand, founded by Mags Walker in 2016.

Inspired by the arts, architecture and the rich history of fashion, Mags started
experimenting with colourful acrylics to create sculptural jewellery that was so
lightweight it was a joy to wear, not just to look at.

All our acrylic pieces are handcrafted by the talented makers in our beautiful
Barnoldswick studio on the Yorkshire Lancashire border.

  We launched our fine jewellery collection in 2021 and Mags works with a team of skilled artisans in the Birmingham jewellery quarter to bring her designs to life. Each piece in the collection is hallmarked in accordance with the hallmarking act 1973 and bears our own unique makers mark.

In all of our collections, which also include our beautiful handbags and responsibly sourced cashmere
scarves and gloves, we use colour and shape unapologetically.

We believe that fashion should be fun and that getting dressed, whether that’s up
or down, is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Especially with the perfect accessories.


Responsible & Sustainable

From our materials and packaging to the suppliers we work with, we make
considered and sustainable choices. All of our accessories are designed to
be worn and loved for a long time, and we offer jewellery repairs for life.