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Like everywhere you shop online, Toolally collects your personal information. It allows us to process your orders efficiently, to tailor our communications with you, and in the unlikely event that there is a problem with your order, we can deal with it without delay. Please be assured that protecting your privacy and the security of your information is very important to us, and in order to be transparent we have provided this notice explaining our online information practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used.

To make this notice easy to find, we have made it available from every page, in the footer of the site, as well as at the checkout where you will be asked for personal information.

If after reading our Privacy Notice you are still unsure of anything or have any questions, please contact us using any of the methods listed in our Contact Us section.


A love for colourful necklaces, or an addiction to bold Art Deco earrings, what you order helps us learn exactly what you love. Sometimes we will use data from other companies that you’ve shopped with too, so we can make sure our marketing is right for you.
We may collect the following data about you, and we’ve explained the lawful basis (in brackets) and purpose for doing so in each case:

Your name, address and email address (contractual performance; legitimate interests; legal obligations; consent)

  • We need to know these so that we can process your website orders, send you email confirmations of your order, send your orders directly to your door, and verify your payment details (contractual performance).
  • We like to keep you in the Toolally loop so every so often we’ll send you catalogues, special offers and promotions by post and email (legitimate interests).
  • We also use your data for fraud prevention purposes, to verify you are a real customer shopping for our jewellery (legitimate interests).
  • We need this information so that we can respond to your questions, queries and very occasional complaints (contractual performance; legitimate interests).
  • We may also keep a record of these to inform any future communication with us, to demonstrate how we communicated with you throughout, to ensure that we provide you with the best possible service.
  • We also use this data to send you surveys and feedback requests to help improve our services. It means we can make our products or services more relevant to you (legitimate interests).
  • Sometimes, we may need these details to send you communications that are required by law or necessary to inform you about our changes to the services we provide you (legal obligations; contractual performance).
  • If we ask you to leave a product review on our website, you’re given the option to provide your email address which we use to verify your review (legitimate interests).
  • If you take part in Toolally research activities (for example, surveys and focus groups), we’ll use your name in order to administer the group (consent).

Your date of birth (legitimate interests; legal obligation)

  • This is optional. We like to know your date of birth so we can send you a special Toolally birthday treat (legitimate interests).
  • We always need to confirm that you’re over 18 so that we can legally enter into a contract with you (legal obligation).
  • We may use this data for fraud prevention and detection purposes (legitimate interests).

Your phone number (contractual performance; consent)

  • Also optional, but helpful so that we can call or text you about your orders. It’s also useful when the courier can’t find your address, for example, or if there is a problem with your order (contractual performance). If you participate in our research activities (for example, surveys and focus groups), we’ll use your phone number for administering the group (consent).

Your communication history with us (contractual performance; legitimate interests)

  • We keep records of the telephone calls, emails and postal correspondence from you so we can provide you with the highest level of customer service and support we pride ourselves on (contractual performance).
  • We may also use this data when training our staff, to make sure we are continuously improving our customer service (legitimate interests).

Information about your device and how you use our website (including your IP address, device type) (legitimate interests)

  • We use this data to continuously improve our website, to set default options for you, and to show you the correct content (for example language and currency). We may also use it to develop, test and improve the systems, services and products we provide to you by, recording your browser’s Session ID to help us understand more when you leave us online feedback about any problems you’re having. This data is also used to prevent and detect fraud.

Your responses to surveys, competitions and promotions (legitimate interests; contractual performance)

  • This data allows us to host all of these exciting things. If we don’t use this data, you would miss out on the opportunity to win competitions or use promotions.

Photographs (consent)

  • If you upload your photographs to #ToolallyJewellery, these may be published on our website. If you take part in our research activities (for example, surveys and focus groups), we’ll use your photographs to improve the products and services that we provide to our customers.
  • Your social media username (legitimate interests)
  • If you interact with us on social media, we use this data to help us respond to your comments, questions or feedback.
  • Any personal data captured using Facebook lead ads is stored securely, and used to provide promotional and email marketing information. This data is not shared with any other third-parties, although may be used to create audiences for Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns. As with email, you will be given the option to unsubscribe or change your preferences in every email.

Your Internet Protocol (IP) address (legitimate interests)

  • We collect information about your location through your IP address which helps us to show you content that is most relevant to you.
    Any of your personal data (legal obligation)
  • There may be situations where we are legally required to share your personal data, for example, when a court order is submitted to share it with law enforcement agencies or a court of law.
  • If you don’t want to give us your data, you don’t have to. However, if you don’t, you may not be able to buy products from our website and catalogue or receive our best customer service.


There are circumstances where we may share some of your data with others:

  • Delivery Companies / Couriers (contractual performance) – So that your lovely new purchases can be efficiently delivered to you.
    Payment and Credit Agencies (contractual performance) – We use reliable and trustworthy companies to process the orders you place with us and help us in the services we provide to you. We only give them the data they need to process your payment, never anything else.
  • Marketing Agencies (legitimate interests) – We also share your name, address, IP addresses, email address and transaction history with data selection analysts, data segmentation and ranking agencies, and email marketing agencies. These organisations help us to analyse our customer base and to identify potential new customers, to target our marketing in a way that is most relevant for you, and show you the content that is relevant to you (based on your location). In all instances, we only provide them with the data they need for their function.
  • Upon sale of business assets (legal obligation) – In the unlikely event that our business assets are sold or purchased by another company, our data records will be sold too as part of our business.
  • Research Companies (legitimate interests) – We care what you think so we sometimes ask outside research companies to contact you directly for opinions on our products and services (again, we will only give them the data they need).
  • Data Cooperatives (legitimate interests) – Subject to your marketing preferences, we may share your name, address, email address, phone number and order details with our data cooperative partners. These partners are ‘members-only’ clubs and manage prospect pools on behalf of UK retailers. We share information on what our customers buy and this information is analysed by the data cooperatives to help us understand your buying patterns. This helps us plan what we send you, based on what you like to buy. In addition, they analyse what sort of products might interest you and pass your name and address to companies whose products are likely to appeal to you. These companies may include, but may not be limited to, shops active in the clothing, collectables, food & wine, gardening, gadgets & entertainment, health & beauty, household goods, and home interiors industries.

We work with Epsilon Abacus (registered as Epsilon International UK Ltd), a company that manages the Abacus Alliance on behalf of UK retailers. The participating retailers are active in the charity, clothing, collectables, food & wine, gardening, gadgets & entertainment, health & beauty, household goods, travel and home interiors categories. They share information on what their customers buy. Epsilon Abacus analyses this pooled information to understand consumer’s wider buying patterns. From this information, retailers can tailor their communications, sending people suitable offers that should be of interest to them, based on what they like to buy.

Your personal data is shared with Experian Ltd for the purposes of managing a service called Club Canvasse, a home shopping and direct retailer data co-operative of which Toolally are members. By sharing information on what customers buy and pooling that with contributions from other members of the co-operative, the service allows Toolally to better understand our customers and to communicate with you more effectively. Please note, your personal information is not shared with any of the other members of the co-operative, and only aggregated data on the number and value of purchases is provided to members e.g. we will receive a report which states how many customers who have bought from us in the last 0-12mths, and who have also bought from other members of the co-operative in the last 0-12mths, or the last 24mths, last 36mths etc.  To understand more please click through to to understand more about their marketing services.


Rakuten Advertising may collect personal information when you interact with our digital property, including IP addresses, digital identifiers, information about your web browsing and app usage and how you interact with our properties and ads for a variety of purposes, such as personalization of offers or advertisements, analytics about how you engage with websites or ads and other commercial purposes. For more information about the collection, use and sale of your personal data and your rights, please use the below links.

Privacy Policy :

Your Rights/Opt Out :

Data sharing outside of EEA
Some of our third–party processors, who provide marketing analysis for us have sub-processing activities outside the UK, so your data may be passed out of Europe where strictly speaking it may be subject to less strict data protection laws. We will however seek to ensure that it is subject to appropriate data security at all times.


Emails: Not everybody wants to receive our emails, we quite understand if you don’t, but remember that, if you unsubscribe, we won’t be able to send you sale details before anyone else. If you wish to unsubscribe you will always be given the option to unsubscribe or change your preferences at the foot of every email, alternatively you can let us know via any of the methods in our Contact Us section. It may take around five working days to unsubscribe you.

Posted Mailing: If you do not wish to receive posted mailings from us, please get in touch with us via any of the methods in our Contact Us section. As catalogues get printed in advance, it can take up to six weeks for you to unsubscribe.

Third Parties: If you don’t want us to share your data with third parties, you can change this at any time by updating your preferences. Alternatively, tell us via any of the methods in our Contact Us section.

All of your account information, including username, email address and password will be available to be changed on your account when logged in. From there you can also review and download all the personal information we keep on you by clicking on the Show/Review User Details tab and download by clicking the Download link.

Similarly, the addresses we use for you will be available to edit at any time:

You will also be able to delete your account and all personal data at any time, from the My Account page
Any other issues or queries: If for any reason you can’t update your preferences or have other queries relating to privacy, please get in touch by any of the methods on our Contact Us section.


We are required by law to keep your personal data as part of order information for 7 years, so we are able to produce proof of sales in case of an audit by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC). After 7 years have passed from your last purchase, we will remove all of this information, unless you have actively subscribed to our mailing list to receive Toolally newsletters. In which case, we will still retain your email address and any other information you volunteer with it, like your full name.


You can write to us at:

20-22 Newtown
BB18 5UQ

You can email us at
Or you can also call us on 01282 851620 (Mon – Fri 9am – 5.00pm)


From time to time, we may make changes to this privacy notice in order to make sure that we are providing you with the most up-to-date information. If and when we make changes to this privacy notice, we will summarise the changes in this section. If the changes are significant, we may also choose to email our customers who have provided us with their email address. Any changes to this privacy notice will apply to you and your data immediately.


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To reassure you, cookies aren’t computer programs, and can’t read other information saved on your hard drive. They can’t be used to disseminate viruses or, for example, get hold of a user’s email address. They only contain and transfer to the website as much information as the users themselves have disclosed to that website. It’s possible to opt out of cookies via your browser’s cookie settings, but if you do this you won’t be able to shop from the Toolally website as its functions depend on them.

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