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These earrings are classic Toolally. Colourful, graphical and elegant. This is old school glamour combined with contemporary comfort. Wear them at dinner, after work drinks or on the dance floor.

Some of our earrings are also available as clip-ons. Click here to view the range.

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  • Toolally Abstract Diamond Earrings in Azure and Mandarin Product Image

    Abstract Diamonds – Azure & Mandarin

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  • Toolally_Abstract_Diamonds_Sapphire_blue

    Abstract Diamonds – Sapphire

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  • Toolally_Arrowheads_BlueMirror

    Arrowheads – Blue Mirror & Royal Blue

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  • Toolally_Art_Deco_Chandeliers_Rainbow

    Art Deco Chandeliers – Rainbow

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  • Toolally_Chandelier-Drops_Teal-Navy-Pearl

    Chandelier Drops – Navy Pearl & Teal Mirror

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  • Toolally Hoops Blue Marble

    Hoops – Blue Marble

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  • Toolally_Peacocks_Arctic_Blue

    Peacocks – Arctic Blue

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