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Five minutes with Style Crone

Judith Boyd of Style Crone pushes the boundaries when it comes to the stereotypes of ageing and fashion. Inspired by diversity and individuality, she channels this through her unique style and fantastic headwear. We spoke to Judith about all things fashion, life and Style Crone.


If we come to visit you in Denver where are you taking us?

Around our many art museums and galleries, my favourite shopping haunts, a few estate sales, City Park, vibrant neighbourhoods such as the River North Area, my favourite restaurants, the Rocky Mountains and a visit to my hat room! When do you plan on visiting??


What’s your favourite way to spend a weekend?

Eating out on a Friday night, catching a show or a film, walking in the park, spending time with loved ones, checking out Instagram and going to a yoga or pilates class. It’s important to have balance in your life.


Tell us about your favourite city/holiday destinations or any trips you have planned.

I love to travel, and believe it to be the best education available. Recently I visited New York – my favourite destination – for 10 days and in March I will be attending the Sedona Yoga Festival in Arizona, where my role model, Tao Porchon-Lynch, the 100-year-old yogi will be presenting. It has been my dream to meet her.



The chilly weather has arrived, so talk us through some of your favourite autumn/winter styles and your go to pieces.

This is the season to wear felt headwear and layers. I love bringing them out of hibernation and ensembling them together! I don’t have a favourite style, because what I create is always a process of self-expression, and it’s always changing. Therefore, I start with my hat and go from there.


Who are the top three Instagram accounts you follow for inspiration?

There are so many that inspire me, but I wouldn’t miss a post by:

Advanced Style
Accidental Icon
Bag and Beret


What is your favourite era or trend?

I have an extensive vintage collection so it is difficult to name a favourite. I tend not to follow trends but if something fits perfectly and I love what I see in the mirror, then out the door I go! For example, leopard print and fringe maybe on-trend but they have always been a part of my style – on-trend or not!


Career insights:

Talk us through your daily routine?

My daily activities include working on my social media accounts, sorting and writing emails, attending meetings and writing my weekly blog. I also attend photo shoots and appear on my new YouTube channel.

However, my number one priority is my health. I practice yoga and meditation daily, eat a healthy diet, as well as having fun – I believe they all contribute to a positive mindset about ageing.


Tell us about your next big project, anything exciting in the pipeline?

I am creating a workshop for widows about grief and transformation, creativity and positivity regarding the ageing process; based on my blog, Style Crone, which was launched during the last nine months of my husband’s life. The concept takes the skills I developed through my career in healthcare (as a carer) and combines it with my love of fashion and my mission to be part of the Advanced Style Movement – which is focused on changing the perception of older people in our culture.


What other work projects are you involved in?

Partnerships and collaborations with brands that mirror my aesthetic and values. At the age of 75, I appreciate the thrill of working on new projects and constantly challenging myself. Learning and changing is a life-long process of growth and inner awareness.



What are your three favourite Toolallys?

I adore Toolally, so it’s difficult to list my three favourite pieces! Currently, I love:

Crescent Hoops – black
Half Moon Drops – black, stone and chilli red
Wobble – burnt smoke