Save the date and party on!

It’s just 20 days until the big day.
But, there is one more rather important day in December.

December 15th is the last day for Royal Mail deliveries for Christmas in the UK.

The other date which is probably fixed firmly in your mind is the Christmas party. The time where we dazzle, shine and shimmer through the party season in style.

This year, why not get the party started with Toolally?

The Kingfishers in nude and glitter have been massive this year and they really do bring the perfect exclamation mark to whatever you’re wearing.

And who could possibly overlook these fabulous new Fandangos?

If you prefer to tone it down just a notch, the Half Moon Drops and Art Deco Droplets are Toolally Classics that are welcome at any party.

Whatever you choose, it confirms one thing. All that glitters is Toolally.


*header image: @TheDebrief via Twitter