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Styling a summer wedding look

The peonies are in bloom, shops are filled with lace dresses and the bunting’s going up – must be wedding season!


There’s nothing like a summer wedding to put a smile on your face, but deciding what to wear can be a little tricky. The Great British Weather isn’t always on our side – what do you wear when sunshine, rain and high winds are all likely? Not to mention the classic summer style struggle – high heels sinking into soggy grass. It’s enough to make us throw on our Boyfriend jeans and stay at home!


Your summer wedding style guide

We’ve been to our fair share of summer weddings, so we thought we’d share our What to Wear wisdom in this simple style guide.

The loose-cut smock dress is your friend

Universally flattering, super comfortable and plenty of room for dancing, the smock dress is perfect for weddings.

Don’t be afraid of black (or white!)

Black is chic and sleek, especially with bright accessories. And white is alright too… if you know the bride!

It’s all in the accessories
A simple shift dress or classic trouser suit is instantly updated with a knockout necklace – try our Ithaca Bib to make a statement or take a look at our Special Occasions section for more ideas.

Treat your feet
Weddings are long and no one wants achey feet and blisters the next day, so choose shoes you know you can dance all night in – always important at a wedding, especially if the Grease Megamix is still to come!


Going to a wedding this summer? Follow our tips and you’ll look great from the ceremony right through to that last glass of champers at 3am. And if you wear a Toolally piece, tweet or tag us in a pic on Twitter or Instagram – we’d love to see your style!