Toolallly Alphabet Hoops

Introducing The Alphabet Collection

We’re delighted to finally share with you something we’ve been working on for a long time — our fine jewellery Alphabet Collection. Here, our founder shares what makes these pieces so very special.


“My designs have always been about confident self-expression; so personalisation was an absolute must. But they are also about abstraction – finding beauty and playfulness in the shapes found in the world around us. Simple letters would never be enough.

Each piece needed first and foremost to be a unique and beautiful design; the letter element forming part of an intricate design which revealed itself most clearly when viewed in profile, rather than a simple sans-serif charm hanging from a hoop. To achieve this effect required each letter to be designed twice – in mirror image – so that it could be clearly seen and understood when viewed from both left and right, and allow those more daring among us to mix and earrings to create initials, nicknames or simply combinations of appealing designs.


Large Hoops

Toolally Alphabet Hoop Earring Design

Small Hoops

Toolally Alphabet Hoops

Everyday Studs

Toolally Alphabet Studs


The three sizes have been designed to be worn in all settings, from the everyday studs (which are also incredible for layering) to the 45mm hoops which are perfect for making an impact. Each piece has been cast, finished and hand-polished in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter by skilled artisans, and is marked with our own maker’s mark so you’ll know it’s the genuine article.”


How to choose your Alphabet Hoops

Each letter has two designs: one for the left ear and one for the right ear. That’s because we want every letter to sit the correct way around when someone is looking at you in profile.

 Our hoops are sold in matching pairs but if you would like to buy mismatched initials, get in touch with and we can make you a bespoke pair at no additional cost.

If you are buying a pair of initial earrings, we recommend selecting the first letter for your right ear and second for your left, as this way they will run together correctly when someone is looking at you. For example, if you were buying for someone with the initials ‘S.J.’, you would buy the ‘S’ for the right ear and the ‘J’ for the left ear.