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The story behind our beautiful cashmere scarves

Since we launched our cashmere scarves last year, there’s never been a more perfect time to wear them. Colourful, cosy, and luxuriously soft, they’re just what we want to wrap up in on these chilly lockdown days — and the easiest way to brighten up our winter layers.

They’re not just beautiful to look at — with patterns inspired by some of our most loved earring designs — they’re also beautiful quality. And how we found just the right material is a story our founder, Mags, loves to share…


Only the harshest Mongolian winters produce the finest cashmere


“When I looked into sourcing the finest, most lightweight material for our gorgeous new cashmere scarves, I ended up in Inner Mongolia. Not literally of course, but it’s where I found the Hanshan goat. In order to survive some of the coldest winters on earth, they grow exceptionally long, fine downy fibres to protect them from sub zero temperatures. The result is one of the softest, purest, organic fibres in the world and the perfect canvas for our colourful and bold designs.


Toolally Crescent Orbs Scarf Pink & Turquoise Lifestyle 3 Toolally Hemingways Scarf Pink & Orange Lifestyle 3

Crescent Orbs Scarf – Pink & Turquoise

Hemingways Scarf – Coral & Beige


We are working with a trusted supplier with strict quality standards, and a fully traceable and sustainable supply chain so that we can be sure only the finest cashmere fibres are used to create our scarves. They’re crafted with care and expertise in a family run factory with generations of experience in the world of cashmere.


Toolally Crescent Orbs Scarf Khaki & Yellow Lifestyle 4 Toolally Houndstooth Scarf Orange Lifestyle 3

Crescent Orbs Scarf – Khaki & Yellow

Houndstooth Scarf – Orange


Our cashmere scarves are unbelievably light and incredibly warm. For me, they are the perfect luxurious touch and with the right care will last a lifetime.”