Toolally featured in Red Magazine

We were thrilled to spot our Toolally X Kat Maconie Daisies – royal green in Red Magazine‘s Haute Holiday section.

Toolally_Kat Maconie Daisies - Royal Green_green_earring_product_png


Inspired by Kat Maconie’s incredible shoe designs, these limited edition statement earrings bring a splash of gorgeous to any outfit.

The timeless daisy pops up on many of Kat’s creations. We have taken her love of floral detailing and introduced an unmistakably bold graphic style – the essential summer statement earrings.


Also available in royal blue, royal gold, royal purple and royal red. Which will you choose?

Toolally Kat Maconie Daisies Greenearring_product_pngToolally_Kat Maconie Daisies - Royal Goldearring_product_pngToolally_daisies Kat Maconie Daisies - Royal Purple_earring_product_pngToolally_Kat Maconie Daisies - Royal Red earring_product_png