Toolally Gold & Silver Collection

Introducing the exclusive, limited edition Gold & Silver Collection from Toolally. Cast in brass, the pieces are hand-polished and finished in solid silver, rose gold or 22 carat gold. Each piece is hand-crafted in the UK and carries our signature ‘T’ mark.

Only a small handful of these exquisite pieces have been made. And they’re only available here.



The Asymmetric Ellipses

The ellipse is an enduring shape. And when they’re seen on top of one another, they become even more compelling. But it was only when we introduced a sense of imbalance, that they really began to wow. Next to the face, the tumbling ellipses form an undeniable smile.


Rose Gold, Silver, Gold



The Ellipses

The ellipse is one of those shapes that mathematicians love to pore over. Put two together like this and the conversation never stops flowing, especially if your mathematician has an eye – or ear – for fashion.


Rose Gold, Silver, Gold



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