Toolally on tour!

Toolally is officially on tour.

And we’re going for global domination! You can get involved and show us where you wear your earrings by posting a selfie online with the hashtag #Toolallyontour. Your snap might even make it onto Toolally’s Instagram page.

We’ve had some great pictures so far, taking us from Chichester, to Tuscany and even Calgary Stampede! Toolally is going global and you can be part of the fun. What’s more, we’ve kicked off the campaign with a competition, so for the rest of the month up until 8th August, we are offering a pair of earrings to those who travel to the most tropical or unusual destinations with their Toolallys – and have the pic to prove it. If you’re posting to Twitter or Instagram, remember to make sure your account is not on private mode so we can see your snaps!


We love this shot of Nikki looking fabulous in the Abstract Diamonds in sapphire in sunny Tuscany, Italy.


Toolally in Tuscany


And this one of Dana and Gina at the Calgary Stampede. Yee-hah!


Dana and Gina - Calgary Stampede


And finally this one of our fabulous jewellery maker Lydia, looking lovely on her sunny day out at the Chichester cathedral.