Toolally Travel Tips!

Toolally Travel Tips

It’s that time of the year again.

Warm, sandy beaches beckon and the smell of sun lotion fills the air.

You’ve probably seen loads of articles about what you need for the perfect summer holiday: What to pack, what not to pack, which bag to take and how many shoes you can squeeze into your mate’s suitcase. Before you start panicking and think that Toolally has turned into a travel show, you can stop worrying. We’re not going there.

Just like our jewellery, we’ll keep this light.


The essentials:

At least three pairs of fabulous Toolally earrings

Phone charger

Credit card

You can always get more stuff when you’re there!


These four travel well:


Toolally Statement Earrings - Ellipses BlackToolally Statement Earrings - Half Moon Drops Nude & Glitter


I’m serious about the phone charger. You’ll need it for the steady stream of selfies you’ll be taking as part of our #Toolallyontour campaign.

I look forward to seeing your pics and have a fabulous holiday.


Stay stylish!

Mags x