Toolally’s Wedding Invitation

With a flurry of confetti, we’re delighted to announce the arrival of the wedding season!

Whether you’ve been invited to someone’s big day, evening do, or the Windsor Castle shindig – Toolally request the pleasure of your company to peruse our beautiful, hand-picked accessories.

And in true Toolally style, we’ve made it easier than ever to bring the perfect touch to whatever you’re wearing, day or night.


The Peacocks in Arctic Blue provide an effortlessly chic focal point. Fun and elegantly playful, their gorgeous purple, green and turquoise accents will bring even more colour to the day.


The Fan Droplets in Azure and Nude shimmy onto the scene in a streamlined splash of summer. Eminently sleek, they display just enough glam without going overboard.

A young American lady in Windsor bought three pairs last week – our lips are sealed.



For the evening do, look no further than our Art Deco Drops in Marble and White from the LBD Collection. Inspired by the geometric styles of the Art Deco period, they combine timeless elegance with bold modernity.

Because our earrings are made from acrylic, they’re incredibly light.

Unlike many statement earrings they won’t pull or drag, so you won’t know you’re wearing them, but everybody else will.