Rainbow Hoops

Warm Summer Nights, Cool Toolally Style

One of the things I love to hear about, is how Toolally can transform any look. Especially when people say that our jewellery isn’t the sort of thing they normally wear.

This week, we’ve created a series of looks to show how easy it is to accessorise anything with a splash of Toolally. And now that warm, summer evenings are here, it’s time to embrace the summer and get out there in style.


Date night 

Add a chunky belt to a summery floral dress to make a bold statement. Pair with our LBD Hoop Drops in chic black.


Summer BBQ

Floaty, colourful dresses are perfect for summer evening barbecues. Add the Ellipses for extra chic.

Cocktails with the girls 

A fun evening with the girls isn’t complete without the Rainbow Hoops. The perfect day-to-night accessory.



After work picnic

Nothing says summer like a pinstripe dress and straw bag. The By Moonlights are the perfect addition to your picnic in the park.



Outdoor concert 

Bohemian prints and denim are all you need for your outdoor concert, and a pair of Toolallys of course! Wear with the Peacocks in pink for extra fun.



The weekly shop…

Style the Sundials with your fave embroided dress. You will definitely be the most glamorous in the supermarket!



All imagery credited to netaporter.co.uk