Stylist Live

We ♥ Stylist Live!

Last week we spent a few days down in London for #StylistLive… and it was an absolute blast!

As soon as we walked into the Business Design Centre in Islington, we knew #StylistLive would be something special. The huge covers hanging from the ceiling were our first clue – Stylist is a seriously cool magazine!

We made our way to our stand up on the mezzanine and took in the surroundings, making a mental shopping list as we watched our neighbours unpack. Our second clue that this would be a great event!


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After a bit of hammering and a lot of banging, our stand was fully dressed and ready to go. We used amazing Block pegboards to create displays on the walls where we hung our framed Toolally mottos and some of our statement pieces. Greenery was added with plants in copper pots and a few old cameras gave the space a vintage feel, but really it was all about the jewels!

With 10 minutes to go until opening, we added the finishing touches to our displays and stood back to admire our work. Then the floodgates opened and it was all hands on deck!


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Our brightly-lit stand and colourful jewellery got lots of attention from fashion-savvy shoppers – we chatted to hundreds of people and everyone loved Toolally! We had an ‘#EarringSelfie’ wall set up where people could snap pics of themselves wearing their new jewels, and we debuted a few new pieces too – including the Cactus, which was a huge hit.


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We met so many lovely people over the four days, including these BFFs who each bought a pair of earrings! It was great to chat to everyone about our designs and see them get excited when they found the perfect piece – we had lots of models wandering around wearing their purchases straight off the rack. We felt a little famous, actually!

We’re back in Yorkshire now and missing our #StylistLive family – it really was an amazing experience and one we won’t forget in a hurry.

Good job we’ll be back next year, then!