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I’m Helen. Fashion obsessed stylist and seasoned traveller. Team Toolally’s girl on the ground. When not being blinded by flashbulbs at global fashion shows, you’ll find me on two wheels on Yorkshire and Lancashire’s sunny slopes.


Helen Wilson - out and about


Monte Carlo or Busting a Few Moves

I’ve always had itchy feet. Before you run away thinking this is a footcare blog, don’t worry, it’s not!

I love to travel. Whether it’s in departures, duty-free or the first class lounge, people seem happier in airports. There’s a wonderful sense of anticipation. Maybe it’s the shopping. The impulse buys. Can you ever have enough shoes or sunglasses? Either way, it’s that inescapable feeling of going somewhere exciting. And it doesn’t get much more exciting than Monte Carlo!

When I go away I’m just like any other girl in that I can’t help people watching. And where better to do it than Le Bar Américain at the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo?


As soon as you step inside the grand lobby, you just know that you have to look the part. Sure, you could easily wear jeans and a top but for me, that misses the whole point of the place. I think it’s only respectful to be as glamorous as your surroundings!

I’d settled on a Paul & Joe Maxi dress, knowing it has just the right amount of glam. To really set the look off I knew Toolally’s Ellipses in iridescent and black* would be perfect. And they were.



One of the huuuge advantages of wearing Toolally is that they’re incredibly lightweight.

Honestly, you do actually forget you’re wearing them. I love how these ones are deliberately asymmetrical. People always comment. I think that if you’re doing something new and original, then you’re doing something right. I remember first seeing them on Mags – Toolally’s creative director and all round genius – and I just had to have them. The way they shimmer and catch the light is just gorgeous. Also, I think having a bob allows you to go a little bit more daring than usual and somehow the Ellipses’ proportions suit me down to the ground. Okay, maybe not the ground but the neckline.

Sinking into the plush seats in the Bar’s lounge, I relaxed, knowing that Paul & Joe and Toolally were the perfect mix.

With beautiful people everywhere, it felt like Milan Fashion Week. Monte Carlo glamour had definitely checked in; Gucci dresses here, Prada shoes there and more Hermés handbags than you could shake a diamond encrusted swizzle stick at.

After dinner, the big question was, “Do we want to dance the night away?” No brainer.


Helen Wilson - Toolally


We all went on to Amber Summer in Monaco. Described as a ‘Dusk to dawn unique cocktail lounge overlooking the Mediterranean Sea with exquisitely crafted cocktails and the coolest DJ vibe’. Perfect!


We danced ‘til dawn and yes – by the time my head hit the pillow – my feet were killing me.
But they’re as itchy as ever!

Until next time,
Helen x