Wednesday Wellness Guide: Boxsets to binge watch!

Happy Wednesday! This week we’re talking all things boxsets and binge-watching.

If isolation has you reaching the end of your to-do list, Contributing Editor Fiona’s got you covered. She’s rounded up the best series, old and new, that you should be watching. From Desperate Housewives to Game of Thrones, there’s something for everyone to get lost in.


Old school

The Wire – if you haven’t watched The Wire, don’t even carry on reading this list, just go and watch The Wire. It’s the best television show ever.

House – So funny, so clever, Hugh Laurie is amazing as Dr House, the ever cynical, always in pain doctor trying to work out what’s wrong with patients with unusual illnesses. Loosely based on Sherlock Holmes. Remember, everybody lies.

The Bridge – Featuring one of the best lead characters of all time – Saga Noren. Scandi Noir with really gripping storylines.

Spooks – British drama at its best, from the shocking first episode all the way through. Give the movie a miss though!

Desperate Housewives – Easy to watch, funny, emotional, characters we can all relate to, there’s plenty to love about Desperate Housewives.


Recent stuff you might have missed

Fleabag – Just the funniest, most emotional series of all time. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a genius. And there’s a hot priest!

Chernobyl – The best thing I have watched for years. Mini series from HBO exploring the aftermath of the explosion at Chernobyl power plant. Gripping and awful and wonderful at the same time. Outstanding acting.

The Outsider – Recently shown on Sky Atlantic, The Outsider is based on a Stephen King novel and given all the love and time it deserves. It’s elegantly directed but the very best thing is the acting which is out of this world.

The Handmaid’s Tale – My absolute favourite TV show that’s still on – Elizabeth Moss is breathtaking as June Osborne – Offred – in a dystopian world. Extremely tough going in parts but also uplifting.

Better Call Saul – You’ve seen Breaking Bad right? If not, watch that. And once you’ve watched it, watch Better Call Saul. To me, it’s even better than Breaking Bad. As a character study, it is so well done.

The Good Stuff – I’ve only seen two series of this so far but it’s a great comedy with loads of twists and turns.

Modern Family – A real feel good comedy – there are 11 series of it I think and I’m only on the eighth but they consistently get the emotion so right!

Game of Thrones – Obviously.

The Witcher – I didn’t think I would like The Witcher but I absolutely loved it. Just the right combination of great characters, humour and good storylines.

Killing Eve – I doubt any of you don’t know about this yet but this is worth watching for the performances by the two leading ladies alone – and there’s much more to it than that.

Save Me – A short British series following Nelly as he searches for his missing daughter. It goes to some very disturbing places. There’s a second series starting soon.

The Haunting of Hill House – This is the scariest thing I have ever seen on TV. Absolutely terrifying but also top quality.

Line of Duty – Bent coppers! Really classy British series about AC12 – the police department who investigate potential corruption in the force. The last series was a bit weaker.

Stranger Things – Really fun and great looking sci fi series set in the 80s around a mysterious girl with special powers.

Peaky Blinders – Gritty, funny, tense, violent and stylish. Introduces us to Tommy Shelby and his family in Birmingham during the interwar period. Also Tom Hardy is in it. It’s all good.

Dr Who – Well if we’re facing a long lockdown this will keep you busy! An often fantastic British series with some stand out episodes.

Dark – German series set in three different times at once – don’t watch after a glass of wine! It’s really good but I haven’t been able to face the second series!

Years and Years – This is a masterpiece by Russell T Davies, following the Lyons family over several years. Might feel a bit close to home at the minute but it’s absolutely excellent.


True crime

Making a Murderer – The Daddy of true crime series – so good, so many questions, we were all obsessed with this at work when it came out!

The Jinx – A true crime series that’s gripping all the way through but the ending is jaw dropping.

The Keepers – Investigating the unsolved murder of a nun and the Catholic school she worked in.


Start well but tail off

Westworld – The first series was really clever but the second series was dire. Swore I wouldn’t watch the third series until the lockdown happened, now I’m quite excited about it!

Prison Break – The first series of this is still one of the best, cleverest standalone series I have seen – but the rest of it’s dreadful! So just watch the first series and leave it there!

Lost – I still love Lost, despite it tailing off and the dodgy ending. Even the trailers were fantastic and it really was intriguing. Not Penny’s Boat – possibly the best moment of TV ever!

Heroes – Save the cheerleader, save the world. Really charming, fun and watchable first series.

Dexter – The first few series of this are fantastic, following a blood spatter expert who also happens to be a murderer. The finale of the final series is the worst ending of any series ever.

Homeland – This starts out so well! The first series contains probably the tensest moment I have ever seen on television but like so many other things it can’t sustain the quality over several series,


Worth a watch if you’re really bored

The Affair – It starts well and ends well but drags in the middle! It started out as a really clever concept to show the start of an affair through several viewpoints. Some great characters though and worth a watch.

The Walking Dead – I love The Walking Dead but even I have to admit it went through some low periods in the middle. Some fantastic characters – especially the villains – along the way.

Big Little Lies – The first series of this was really good and the second series was ok – made better by a fantastically creepy performance by Meryl Streep.

The Stranger – Written by Harlan Coben with loads of famous British actors, it’s a pretty good series with an intriguing story line and gorgeous Richard Armitage. It won’t change your life but it will pass the time!


Let us know what series you’re watching right now and we can add to our list! We’d love to know how you are keeping busy during the lockdown too, drop us an email at

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