Wednesday Wellness Guide - Home Hair and Beauty Hacks

Wednesday Wellness Guide: Home Hair & Beauty Hacks

This week’s guide is all about hair and beauty and I wish we’d done the research for this a couple of weeks ago. I could have saved myself from a decidedly shonky fringe and a home dye job that Morticia Adams would be proud of. If, like me, you are yearning for an eyebrow wax and a spot of CACI read on; there are some great tips and tricks you can use to avoid a complete slip in standards, not least from our dear friend Tricia Cusden, at Look Fabulous Forever.

Brows-ing the web
None of us know when our eyebrows will next be ‘on fleek’, so we’ve searched the web to find you the best DIY kits that will lead you through lockdown.

Eylure, well known high street beauty brand, has created an at-home dye that will last up to 6 weeks on your brows. Simply brush through evenly to give a glossy look. Don’t forget to do a patch test 24 hours before to ensure no nasty reactions!

Wednesday Wellness Guide - Home Hair and Beauty Hacks 1


Another option is Bae Brow – the unique formula designed to pigment your eyebrow hair quickly and easily. This is a little more pricey, but the no mix tint is easy to use and will give a subtle or bold finish depending on how you prefer to apply it.

Wednesday Wellness Guide - Home Hair and Beauty Hacks 2


Home hairdresser
Are you wishing you’d gone to the hairdressers the week before lockdown? If your roots are bothering you every time you look in the mirror, try one of the products below. There’s a huge range of kits on the market, but here are our favourites.

This award-winning spray from Rita Hazan temporarily conceals roots and hides grey areas (amazing!). There will be no sticky residue or crunchiness with this product and it’s completely water and transfer-proof.


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Charles Worthington’s Instant Root Concealer comes in a variety of shades to suit most hair colours. The spray gives a lasting colour that looks natural and doesn’t rub off against your pillow – it’s perfect to use every few days and is super affordable too!


Manicure at home
If you’re usually a regular at your local nail salon, like us, you’ll be missing having perfectly polished nails. Here are the best kits to give yourself the perfect mani-pedi from the comfort of your home.

The Mylee Professional set has everything you need for a shellac top up. From prepping and base coats, to the UV lamp and top coats. Although it could be tricky to get used to doing, by the end of lockdown you’ll be an expert!


manicure kit 1

If you’re wanting something more affordable, the Coscelia Gel Nail Starter Set would be ideal. Including six gorgeous nail colours and all the tools you need to complete your pamper session.


manicure kit 2



Skin refresh
If your skin is feeling dull and looking under the weather, then you need to try the following products. They will keep your skin in check until your next facial.

The CACI Age-Delay Duo contains a face cream and eye serum. The cream firms the face and helps visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst the serum targets the eye area to combat dark circles and puffy eyes.

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Tan-Luxe has created self-tan facial drops to create a flawless, illuminating complexion. Simply add a couple of drops to your daily moisturiser and watch your face transform throughout the day to achieve a beautiful sun-kissed glow.




Tricia’s Top Tips

Tricas top makeup tips



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