Wednesday Wellness Guide- Spring Cleaning and Home Organising

Wednesday Wellness Guide: Spring Cleaning and Home Organising

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Wednesday Wellness Guide. This week the team thought it would be fun to look at spring cleaning and home organisation. This is another subject, much like gardening, that I know absolutely nothing about. I’ve found, however, that having a bit of a tidy up can be incredibly satisfying. Who knew? And I have fallen a little bit in love with a house I’ve lived in for nearly 20 years.

These are the team’s top tips, some of which made perfect sense to me and some not so much. Making a list is something I do pretty much every day anyway but when I’ve tried to declutter I’ve ended up reminiscing about the who, the where and the when and just moved things to a place no one else can see them. And I absolutely prefer Yoga with Adrienne to dusting etc. but nonetheless, here they are:


Make a list

Wellness guide Make A List

This is a great way to help you scope out your home and give yourself a plan. Set yourself some goals for each day – this could be anything from cleaning the kitchen to finally tackling the understairs cupboard. Don’t forget to tick off your list for a great sense of accomplishment.



Wellness Guide Declutter

As many of us have more time on our hands nowadays, it’s a great excuse to sort through items you have been putting to the back of your mind for the past year. Start small and don’t put pressure on yourself to finish everything in a day! Work your way through your home room by room and by the end of your lockdown your home will be a haven of organisation.


Spring clean

Wellness Guide Spring clean

Once your daily exercise is out of the way and you’ve made all the banana bread you can for the day, it can be hard to find something to occupy yourself with. Dusting, hoovering and general cleaning is a great form of exercise as you are keeping yourself moving and working lots of different upper and lower body muscles. Put on your favourite music to keep you motivated too – and take lots of tea breaks.


People to follow who know more about this sort of thing than I do


Mrs Hinch

Mrs hinch

Author, Instagrammer and first time Mum, Mrs Hinch has definitely gone global over the past few years. Her cleaning videos and colourful to do lists are famous to the online world and her helpful Activity Journawill keep your cleaning on track.


A Slob Comes Clean

A slob comes clean

A Slob Comes Clean is an honest, no nonsense cleaning website by Dana. She has multiple books, blogs and podcasts which showcase the methods she loves to keep her house and mind in check. With 15.6k followers on Instagram and two published books, the author is certainly loved on and offline!


Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo

And last but by no means least, Japanese organizing consultant, author, and TV show host Marie Kondo. Her well-known books have been sold in millions all over the globe. Visit her website to ‘Tidy your space, transform your life.’


Keep an eye out for next week’s guide which will be focussed on my favourite f word – food.
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Happy organising (or reminiscing)
Mags x

PS Speaking of gardening, seedlings coming along nicely.

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