What Team Toolally Are Doing to Break up With Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is becoming a huge problem for the industry. If you’re not familiar with the term, fast fashion is inexpensive clothing that is produced rapidly by mass-market retailers to follow the latest trends.

At Toolally, we don’t follow the latest trends. We create classic pieces that will be in style for years to come, no matter what the season. As well as this, we recently launched our ‘Recycled Collection’ which uses pieces cut from products in our main collections and transforms them into beautiful earrings. Meaning no acrylic goes to waste.

We’re all doing our bit to break up with fast fashion here at Toolally Towers, every little really does help.


Denan: Jewellery Maker

Instead of buying clothes that everyone else already has, Denan makes her own one-off pieces of clothing using materials sourced from sustainable companies or reusing garments she already owns.


Suzie: Digital Marketing 

Suzie’s latest discovery of Depop has become her favourite app! She uses it to buy and sell second-hand clothes rather than buying brand new from the high street and online. There is a huge variety of items available on Depop for all genders, ages and styles.


Lydia: Studio Manager 

On a weekend you will find Lydia mooching around local charity shops looking to buy some second hand steals – she’s become an expert at finding some great high end brands in her local branches. Everyone at Toolally also actively donate clothing to charity shops and clothing banks, so that no item goes to waste.


Becky: Jewellery Maker and Photographer

A capsule wardrobe with staple pieces is a great way to save on buying into fast-fashion and this is exactly what jewellery maker and photographer Becky does. Choose pieces that will never go out of style – a good coat, a pair of quality boots and a selection of outfits that you can change up with accessories.


Rachel: Office Manager

Rather than ordering a last minute online purchase, Rachel researches ethical UK brands and thinks before she buys. Her favourite sustainable brands include People Tree and ARMEDANGELS.



We are so excited to be launching a competition with author and journalist Lauren Bravo to coincide with her new book, How To Break Up with Fast Fashion: A guilt-free guide to changing the way you shop – for good. Laurens book will be released on January 9th and you can pre-order it here.