Quite A Lot

Talking to our customers always throws up interesting conversations. Sometimes people inspire us to create certain styles or colourways without saying a word. But one thing we have found, is people are getting *totally* confused pronouncing our name. We’ve had Tootally, Totally, Tittily, Tottily, Talilly, Trolilly and a whole lot more.

We realise our name is unusual. And that inspired us to think of a different way of getting it across and clearing up the confusion once and for all. Mags asked our copywriter, Alex what could be done. Why are people getting our name wrong? What is the best way to get Toolally across without coming over all preachy? Was it an email to our customers perhaps. Or maybe a banner on our website. Whatever we did, it had to be fun. Alex suggested a two minute long TV advert shot in Milan, Paris and New York with the world’s top models swinging from chandeliers. Maybe next year.

Alex and our animator Joe worked with Mags to find a solution. After a lot of word wrangling and screwing up of paper which ended up in Mags’ bin, we came up with a mnemonic.

What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts – Please get in touch!
And we promise they won’t end up in the bin.